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Grants Quick Tips


    Regular vacuuming, once or twice a week, this will remove soil & dirt particles before they become embedded into the pile.

    Rinse with cold or luke-warm water only, then dab/blot dry with paper towel or clean cloth. Do not rub or scrub the carpet.

    Steam cleaning is recommended by most manufacturers and is the most effective way of cleaning carpet.
  • Dirt & Soil

    Let dry & vacuum off
  • Liquid

    Use paper towel or a clean white cloth. If neccessary wet the area with clean water and repeat until clean.
  • Food

    Using a blunt object like a spoon, remove the food. Wet the area with water if stained and blot dry with paper towel or white cloth.
  • Oil & Grease

    Using a blunt object like a spoon, remove as much as possible. Apply mineral turpentine or similar solvent to a clean white cloth then dab. This should be tested on a hidden area of carpet first to check there is no colour loss due to solvent.
  • Pen Marks

    For water-based pens use luke-warm water and blotting method. For oil based pens use a solvet making use of precautions as above for oil & grease.
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